The J Hole

• crawl into & die •

I immensely enjoy the John Wick movie franchise. Advertisements

Jacky Fact™

Listen to me– I want to punch you full of holes. A trypophobic image search now includes your stupid fucking face.

In the Ground

(photographed near my family home) When I was young, I would eat butter from the tub. I did it in secret, if it was out on the table for dinner, I’d quickly stick my gross tiny fingers in it and get a mouthful of sweet,…

Me & Meat

Staying silent while I go off on you and never trying to disprove anything I say “because you’re tired of this” is all the answer I need .

Selfish pricks.


I don’t really use Facebook anymore. Yeah, I’m old and everyone has gone away. But I see a friend suggestion tonight, while I’m on for 3 minutes, and now my brain is all fucky about it. This means he unblocked me. What made him do…

Dear Diary

I regret not going into neuroscience or marine biology.  

Jacky Fact™

After one year of teaching 8th grade, I’ve figured out that I NEED to keep on my original track of child psychology. These kids talk to me, everyday, about some really big and scary stuff. Kids who’ve not talked to me all year in class…

Dear Diary

My father left when I was a toddler and my step-father was there, but not present. Mom had me at 20 and kept telling me I’d end up like her if I kept having so many boyfriends (to fill the empty male love hole created…


The first concert I went to was Green Day and Superdrag in 1996, but my first actual concert was New Kids on the Block in 1990.

Jacky Fact™

When I was a child, I wanted to be Janeane Garofalo or Lisa Loeb. For a short time in my twenties, I was Natalie Imbruglia.

Jacky Fact™

Pretty sure my public middle school fellow teacher shouldn’t have given me “this thing I really liked on failure and acceptance” this morning. Oh yeah, it was also about GOD. I don’t even want to do anything. I’m not even in the mood. I just…


“can you not put the bloodworms on top of my food?” “the other freezer?” “no, just any shelf where there isn’t food.” “Also, while we’re on the topic of things I shouldn’t have to say, can you not put the bathroom chemical cleaner spray bottle…

Marriage Conversation

Sandwich artist at Subway State Farm Secretary Hot Topic associate Doggie Daycare attendant Actor in Halloween attraction Mental health caregiver x3 Porn store associate Maid Hallmark associate Kohl’s associate Scholastic Book Fairs Warehouse worker Bookkeeper/secretary at auto dealer Test proctor and scorer for public schools…

Jobs I’ve Had

“What did she want from me–to tell the truth all the time? To run around saying it did matter to me that I live in a world where you grow old and alone and have to get down on your hands and knees and beg…

The Pigman by Paul Zindel

Thanks father who left me at 2 and step-father who might as well not have been there at all for making the thing inside me where I have to constantly know I’m loved by the opposite sex or I feel worthless and alone.

It’s been a super fun way to be.

Why I had to unfollow you: I don’t care what your child spewed from it’s underdeveloped brain/mouth–I care about how you willingly stopped talking to me years ago because someone who doesn’t know me told you to. Also, stop texting me every now and then.…

I’ll always be cooler than you.