True Story #6

Went out with a guy once–didn’t, then did again. One night at his house, I was waiting for him to get ready so we could go out drinking. We didn’t want to go downtown and were discussing other options as I walked around his room, playing with a pair of handcuffs I found hanging on his wall, which I, absentmindedly, fastened to my left wrist. Of course they were police grade cuffs and there was no key and after several hours of wise-crackin’ and trying to release the cuff with various tools (which only made it tighter) we ended up having to drive downtown to the police station at 5 a.m. where a very wary lady officer released me. She even returned his cuffs after many questions about my safety and sideways glances at the guy.

After we left the police station, the guy bought me breakfast, saying it was the least he could do.

It was a pretty alright date. I think I loved him.




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