Jacky Fact™

When I was a child, I wanted to be Janeane Garofalo or Lisa Loeb. For a short time in my twenties, I was Natalie Imbruglia.


Pretty sure my public middle school fellow teacher shouldn't have given me "this thing I really liked on failure and acceptance" this morning. Oh yeah, it was also about GOD. I don't even want to do anything. I'm not even in the mood. I just hate my job so much.  

It's really over this time. I can feel it. I hope he finds someone who never needs to talk about anything real and who isn't married. He deserves to be happy and so do I. *edit: two days after, he texted me. I have yet to respond. I may not.

Marriage Conversation

"can you not put the bloodworms on top of my food?" "the other freezer?" "no, just any shelf where there isn't food." "Also, while we're on the topic of things I shouldn't have to say, can you not put the bathroom chemical cleaner spray bottle next to my pads and the toilet paper? Thanks." All... Continue Reading →

Jobs I’ve Had

Sandwich artist at Subway State Farm Secretary Hot Topic associate Doggie Daycare attendant Actor in Halloween attraction Mental health caregiver x3 Porn store associate Maid Hallmark associate Kohl's associate Scholastic Book Fairs Warehouse worker Bookkeeper/secretary at auto dealer Test proctor and scorer for public schools Substitute teacher 8th grade English teacher

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