The most limpid love I've ever been able was wasted at twelve years old. I held your hand once during Mass, but every other interaction has been me making a fool of myself. I imagined you blameless these past twenty years-- I cried when you never returned. A Valentine remembered, small compliments recorded. 'Just maybe... Continue Reading →


True Story #8

Once, during a drug induced hallucination, I saw the age I was going to die. To my disappointment, I was already 2 years too late. Now, when bad things happen to me, I know it's because I'm not supposed to be here.  

Why I’m an atheist.

This was never meant to be a manifesto or really anything of real importance. I saw someone post on Reddit and thought I'd do the same here. I attended private Catholic school from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. Around seventh or eighth grade, I started entertaining the idea that all the things they were forcing... Continue Reading →

Beguiled By A Mother’s Fluids

Having a young mother, I had to be an old child. It’s just now hitting me how I’ve always worried about her sadness, one which she created and wove us into. I was first-- I got the most. A little friend, her child sometimes. They never spoke behind closed doors and I heard it all... Continue Reading →

True Story #6

Went out with a guy once--didn’t, then did again. One night at his house, I was waiting for him to get ready so we could go out drinking. We didn’t want to go downtown and were discussing other options as I walked around his room, playing with a pair of handcuffs I found hanging on... Continue Reading →

Daddy Issues

It was the night you pulled me out of bed to go find Mommy. You brought me into a bar in my pajamas, the ones with the matching doll, the ones I went to the hospital in. She was there, drinking with her friends after work, the same place you met. It was your day... Continue Reading →

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