I would rather live in the constant world I visit in my dreams than reality. Waking up drepresses me.


6 discs of X-rays, 5 golden rings!

"You have more than enough proof," said the doctor, so I'll be receiving my Florida medical marijuana card soon. Finally, my legitimately broken body pays off.

Real loneliness is not necessarily limited to when you are alone. --CB

Open Letter to the World

I'm sorry if I'm difficult. My father left me when I was a toddler and I pretty much raised myself because my parents were young and drunk. So I'm sorry that everyone else who's ever left me will bare the brunt of that anger. And lots of people, who I've loved dearly and would have... Continue Reading →

But he points out that irritability — a reduced control over one's temper that results in angry outbursts — is listed as a core symptom of depression for children and adolescents. It has never made sense to him that it's not included for adults. "Why would someone who happens to be irritable and angry when... Continue Reading →

Fun Fact

Turns out, circadian rhythm is shaped by a person's genes, so fuck all of you who make me feel like a lazy asshole because of my sleeping habits. Also, depression.

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