6 discs of X-rays, 5 golden rings!

"You have more than enough proof," said the doctor, so I'll be receiving my Florida medical marijuana card soon. Finally, my legitimately broken body pays off.


Just used my own name as an adjective...

True Story #8

Once, during a drug induced hallucination, I saw the age I was going to die. To my disappointment, I was already 2 years too late. Now, when bad things happen to me, I know it's because I'm not supposed to be here.  

The Gift I Can Always Count On…

Depression! I remember Donnie and I would refer to our respective birthdays as Birthday Shit Fest followed by whatever year it was-- and it would happen every year--we'd make big plans and get let down. Each following year, the plans would get less excessive to ensure success. Then there was the year Donnie stood me... Continue Reading →

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