As he left me at the tattoo parlor after telling me he would be having a second child, I knew it was the last time we would ever be in the same room.



I kept the piece with your face on it and never cleaned up the edges. I wrote “a real piece of work” at the bottom in blue Sharpie, the color of your eyes, before slipping it into the album.  


Your three-doored orange car is just as distinct as all my stickers, so I know you saw me, whether you saw the bird or not. Not my worst fear, watching you slow turn home as I turned to text him. Had I been driving, alone, and not stuffed with sushi, we could have played another... Continue Reading →

The Gift I Can Always Count On…

Depression! I remember Donnie and I would refer to our respective birthdays as Birthday Shit Fest followed by whatever year it was-- and it would happen every year--we'd make big plans and get let down. Each following year, the plans would get less excessive to ensure success. Then there was the year Donnie stood me... Continue Reading →

True Story #2

I was best friends with this girl in kindergarten. In the first grade, she started bullying me. She'd corner me in areas of the classroom where the teacher couldn't see and guilt-pressure me into giving her my snack everyday. I was very shy and she was becoming an aggressive queen-bee. I told her to leave... Continue Reading →

I’m Always Pissing People Off

Today I got kicked out of my (very small) city's Facebook group after a bunch of angry women reprimanded me like a child. I mistakenly had tried to start a conversation as a comment to a woman's recommendation for a place to get your infant's ears pierced cheaply and easily. I merely said "Or you... Continue Reading →

True Story #1

When I was either 19 or 20, I was walking around a Circuit City with my best friend as he looked for a CD. He was taking far too long and I was getting bored, so I went outside to smoke a cigarette. While lurking in the shadows, a dude comes up to me and... Continue Reading →

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