Dear Diary

I don’t really use Facebook anymore. Yeah, I’m old and everyone has gone away. But I see a friend suggestion tonight, while I’m on for 3 minutes, and now my brain is all fucky about it.

This means he unblocked me. What made him do that, I wonder?

Still, fuck him.

It’s not like this magically means we’ll be best friends again, I know, I’m jumping the gun. He knew unblocking me would have his existence alerted and make me travel down the road I’m currently on. Or not?

You just don’t have the relationship we had and then, in the end, side with someone you barely know as well so I can finally fit the role you twisted me into. Sorry I never loved you. Sorry I got mad when you left your best friend for the first girl who’d sleep with you. Sorry I never liked her and she took you away from me.

What the fuck do you want from me?


Nothing. He probably wants nothing.

Whatever. Blocked.

cassadega devils chair

The Devil’s Chair in Cassadaga, FL

I’ll always be cooler than you.

Why I had to unfollow you: I don’t care what your child spewed from it’s underdeveloped brain/mouth–I care about how you willingly stopped talking to me years ago because someone who doesn’t know me told you to.

Also, stop texting me every now and then. Even though I blacklisted your number, it still tells me when and who texted. Nothing you send means anything anymore. Our senses of humor no longer line up, which is something that would happen in a situation like ours. We don’t have anything in common anymore.

charlie (2).jpg